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Spelunker Tours – Now Taking Reservations!

Beneath the Surface of our World, There are Wonders Beyond Compare!

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, ArkansasExplore the cavern beyond the lights! The definition of spelunker is one who engages in the pastime or sport of exploring caves. If that definition fits you or someone you know then the Spelunker Tour here at War Eagle Cavern on Beaver Lake is the perfect attraction to include on their things to do list! Our Spelunker Tour is just beginning where the guided public tour ends. If you have a few hours and a sense of adventure, this tour is for you!

The Spelunking Tours here at War Eagle are rated as a mildly strenuous. The tour will take you miles deeper into this amazing, natural cavern. However the path will continue to be fairly level.

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, ArkansasUnlike the Guided Tours reservations are needed to participate in one of our Spelunker Tours. Reservations times become available starting in mid-July for groups of four or more. Larger groups can be accommodated by calling and making special arrangements. Kids over 4 ft. tall can go on these tours as long as they have an adult to accompany each one of them. All of the groups will be joined by one of the trained guides, but the groups will lead themselves. The guides will facilitate the tours by pointing out several possible passageways that may be explored by the groups. The safety of our explorers is always our primary concern here at War Eagle Cavern. With that in mind the guides will do everything necessary to see that everyone remains safe. They will have the authority at any time to end the tour due to possible hypothermia, injury, vandalism, rowdy behavior or any other situation that could jeopardize the safety and enjoyment of anyone on the Spelunker Tour.

One of the exciting parts of the Spelunker Tour is that you will most likely experience huge colonies of bats! But it is guaranteed that —-YOU WILL GET WET AND MUDDY!

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, Arkansas

Some of the things a participant in the Spelunker Tour at War Eagle Cavern will need to remember are:

  • Plan for at least 3 hours of adventure.
  • Arrive dressed in your spelunking tour clothes.
  • Jeans or Pants, NO SHORTS
  • Hiking Boots that will get wet
  • Layer a jacket, long sleeve shirt and T-shirt
  • You may want a small pack to carry a water bottle, power bar and extra batteries.
  • A helmet, gloves, kneepads, and a sturdy flashlight and backup light are MANDATORY!

A change of clothes, socks, and shoes are highly recommended, plus a large plastic bag for your dirty clothes. You also might want money for snacks and souvenirs!

A signed Release Form (provided when making reservation) is required.

-Print Form Here-

COST: $50.00 each

In September of 2005, the staff of the cavern explored the furthest reaches of the known cavern. After several hours of crawling through water-filled passages and walking through towering rooms miles back in the cavern, they stopped at a small opening where they felt a strong breeze and saw hundreds of bats disappearing into the darkness above. There is much more to explore!