War Eagle Cavern – Gem Panning

War Eagle Cavern – Gem Panning

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, ArkansasNo matter what the age of the explorers that come to visit War Eagle Cavern everyone loves the chance to discover a treasure. That is why it is vital that once you have completed your spelunking adventure inside the historical cavern a visit to War Eagle Mining Company is absolutely necessary. It is here that visitors can practice their geologist skills by participating in gem panning.

Kids and adults alike will have fun panning for gems such as rubies, peridot, amethyst, Arkansas crystal points, sapphires, topaz, pyrite and many more “precious gemstones”. You will purchase a bag of what looks to be “dirt”. In reality it is our special panning dirt that is filled with all sorts of hidden treasures. Then you will head over to the War Eagle Mining Company and gather up the sluicing tools you will need in order to successfully put your gem panning skills to use. First you will dump a small amount of the panning dirt into one of the sluice boxes that are provided at the War Eagle Mining Company. Then dunk the box into the water sluice and let the water wash away the grime. Continue with the process until you have either panned all of your dirt or the colorful treasures have appeared in your sluicing box.

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, Arkansas

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, ArkansasWhether you choose the gem mix or the panning dirt that contains only Arkansas crystal points or fossils, everyone will find a treasure. For the younger geologists in the group the time spent at War Eagle Mining Company gem panning is often the highlight of their visit to this historical attraction. However it has also been noted by many of the staff here at War Eagle Cavern that many adults pan for gems to use in making their own jewelry. No matter what the reason is for spending time gem panning for treasure here at War Eagle Cavern it is guaranteed to be one of the highlights on the things to do list.