War Eagle Cavern – Bats

War Eagle Cavern – Bats

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, ArkansasHumans aren’t the only creatures that inhabited the War Eagle. It is one of only a few show caverns that have a resident population of bats. War Eagle Cavern on Beaver Lake is home to over 75,000 bats! The Eastern Pipestrelle Bat and the Gray Bat are the two most common species of this fascinating creature found to be hanging around in this northwestern Arkansas cavern. The attraction’s namesake is a prime feature, of course. You might meet a bat in the cavern, a great summer retreat with its year round temperature of 58 degrees. It has often been noted that visitors to the natural attraction can often see them coming out of the natural opening of the cavern “like tornados!” during the Spring.

These amazing, unique creatures call War Eagle Cavern are one of the most exciting attractions here at the cavern. The Eastern Pipestrelle Bat roost in the ceiling during the Summer and hibernate in the darkness from Winter to Spring. It is by far the most commonly seen of the two species. These small bats spend all year in the cavern and so this natural wonder of the Ozarks is home to these fascinating creatures.

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, Arkansas

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, ArkansasThe other species that visitors may encounter on their visits so War Eagle Cavern is the gray bat. Unlike the Eastern Pipestrelle, the gray bat is a colonial bat. The grays use War Eagle as a maternity roost during the Spring Months. Over 30,000- females roost in a single colony, nurturing their babies until they are old enough to fly. This happens around the first of July. In fact, it is for this very reason that we conduct no Spelunker Tours until the first of July as we do not want to disturb these colonies.

Having VIP access to the often elusive creatures is just one of the benefits of bringing your family or group to War Eagle Cavern and taking part in one of our guided tour experiences. As you make your way through this amazing gem of nature with its low ceilings and wide walkways you may have to duck to avoid these small, furry hanging creatures. Don’t worry these bats are strictly insect eaters so all of our human explorers need not worry about being bitten by them! This up close and personal view of the bats is definitely one of the most educational and unique experiences you will have on your visit to War Eagle Cavern here in Arkansas. If you are not a “fan” of these creatures prior to your visit here, don’t worry! By the time you reach the end of the tour with our entertaining and informative guide you will have been given so much information about these furry, flying inhabitants that you will absolutely love them by the time you leave!